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Why Cuba? Why Homeopathy?

Hi, my name is Ananda More and I'm a homeopath. Iíve been in practice for over 6 years now and I also help run a homeopathic store in Toronto. Over the years, in my studies and extensive travels Iíve been blessed with seeing the miracles homeopathy can produce, but Iíve also been left with a lot of questions.  

At first I was an absolute skeptic. No, I thought it was the stupidest thing Iíd ever heard of. Homeopathy made no sense to me whatsoever and so I completely discounted it, until one simple experience in India helped to change my mind.

I found myself in the throes of a nasty case of Delhi Belly. It wasn't pretty. Luckily I was traveling with a friend who had a homeopathic kit full of little bottles filled with white pellets. I reluctantly agreed to try her voodoo medicine as she dispensed 2 pellets out of one of those magic bottles. Within minutes I felt much, much better, and was also very intrigued.

That was the beginning of a lifelong passion and journey. 

A lot of controversy surrounds homeopathy, and many skeptics claim that there is no evidence showing its effectiveness. However, in countries such as India and Cuba, homeopathy has been embraced not only by the people, but also by the medical systems. So I want to find out if there really is any compelling evidence that supports homeopathy, or whether as the skeptics tell us homeopaths really are just adamantly delusional in the belief that homeopathy changes lives, and that itís nothing but the powerful affect of placebo.

In 2007, Cuba launched a homeopathic campaign to prevent a Leptospirosis outbreak (Leptospirosis is a severe bacterial infection that occurs when people are exposed to contaminated water). The results were so successful that it surprised even the international Homeopathic community.

This is why I traveled to Cuba last July. With the help of my friend and filmmaker, David Whillans, We flew to Havana to meet with some of the key people involved in the Cuban medical system, and the people whoís lives have been touched by homeopathy I met with Dr. Gustavo Bracho who was responsible for the Leptospirosis project, as well as  other doctors, patients, and ordinary people who have either treated or received treatment through homeopathy. We learned a lot about the use of homeopathy for the prevention of Dengue and the treatment of Cancer.

Through public support we were able to get to Cuba and begin the filming process, but weíve only just begun, we plan to go back to Cuba in Feb 2012 to continue filming, get a deeper perspective and ask the difficult questions.

Homeopathy could change your life! And it could change your medical system (in a good way)!  

Perhaps the Cuban experience is a fluke, a coincidence or an exaggeration. Perhaps this work canít be replicated anywhere else in the world. BUT if Homeopathy has managed to save thousands of lives in Cuba, inexpensively, easily and effectively; if there are therapies for some cancers out there that doesnít poison the body, if there are safer alternatives to vaccinations, shouldnít everyone be aware and have the freedom to choose their therapy and treatment?

We plan on taking this documentary to film festivals around the world, and eventually make it available on-line and on a television set near you.


This is a BIG PROJECT, and we need YOUR help!

Some people donít want to see a film like this made. Thatís why we need grassroots support.

 Your generous donations will help cover the following:


$1,200            Cuban Location Manager (IvŠn Valdivia Medina)

$2,000           HD Video Camera & equipment purchase (weíll be buying a used camera to keep      expenses down)

$1,500            Roundtrip Flights for Ananda and David

$1,500           Budget Accommodations (in a casa particular) for Ananda, David, and the crew for 14 nights

$  500            Transportation (car and Cuban driver)

$  500              Sound recordist

$1000             Food for crew

$1000              Travel to Quebec to film experts there (train/ gas, accommodation, food for crew of 3)

Other expenses that need to be covered: Animation, Music, editing, marketing.


Donate $15 and receive a free copy of the Leptospirosis study

Donate $25 and receive a free downloadable copy of preliminary footage and interviews from our first trip to Cuba

Donate $50 and receive both the leptospirosis study and the interview footage

Donate $100 and get a free copy of the film when finished, as well as the Leptospirosis study and preliminary footage.

To make a donation for these or for another amount please enter in the notes the amount you would like to donate. We will email you to confirm the amount of your donation.